Interior of PECHE CAFE

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Area: 80 sq.m

Photographer: Olga Melekestseva

Shades of cookies. pistachios and coffee, what could be more appetizing. Restrained colors, shapes and a minimum of decor allow you to see the main thing — a guest, a lover of delicious food and drink good coffee / wine), surround yourself with beauty and enjoy the process. The space in the circle is painted gray “Petersburg”, what is familiar, what reflects this city. We tried to go in tandem with the atmosphere of the city, and not argue with it by adding bright colors. The cafe has a tight fit in the center of which is a communal table where guests can make new acquaintances or chat with large companies. Trees in skating rinks along the edges of the table and solid wood furniture successfully coexist. The austere bar counter exacerbates the accents on pastries/livers — another protagonist of the project. The mirror wall breaks the footage of the cafe and doubles it. Pleasant textiles and flowing minimalist decor add playfulness to such an austere space. Thanks to the nuance of colors, light and tactile textures, a warm and soulful atmosphere was born in the cafe.