Interior of an apartment for a young woman

Location: Saratov, Russia

Area: 83 sq.m

Photographer: Dmitry Chebanenko

We got an original space full of benefits and an inspiring client. Having preserved a clear logical zoning and using the potential of even the most compact premises, we moved away from blind corridors and useless square meters. To the right of the entrance is the main block, which includes a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom in a glass cube. The layout was predetermined by the configuration of the apartment, rectangular in plan with windows at the ends. There are floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, which offer a good view of the Volga and the Saratov Bridge, in the bedroom the window has an exploitable window sill, the hostess uses it as a place for reading.

An architectural interior, clean, laconic, simple and at the same time rich in textures and combinations of textures. The kitchen island, created individually for this project, appears in the interior as an artistic installation, without visible household appliances. All kitchen appliances are hidden so as not to interfere with the perception of space. For example, the cooker hood is built into the hob. The graphics and linearity are softened by delicate shades, making it clear that the nature is subtle after all.