Bachelor’s apartment interior

Location: Saratov, Russia

Area: 63 sq.m

Photographer: Roman Spiridonov

The owner of this apartment in the center of Saratov is from a generation of young and motivated people, deeply involved in digital technologies. Active and single, the young man works a lot (his business in the IT sphere) and travels a lot. During the redevelopment, the kitchen was combined with the living room. Due to the shape of the apartment, the kitchen-living room turned out to be elongated: this feature of the space was used to linearly place all functional areas. The bedroom turned out to be unusual due to the peculiarities of the layout — it has two doors on the edges of the bed. The interior is based on constructive, maximum functional solutions and strict lines. Dark colors of cold shades prevail, which are consistent with the concrete surfaces of the columns. The structural elements of the apartment were left untouched and varnished. The emphasis on textures plays an important role in the entire interior. Wooden decorative panels are visible from different corners of the apartment — wood and warm illumination add coziness to the cold and dark interior.